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Manufacturing and Quality - Powder Coating Powders

Rajyog Paints has its manufacturing setup of 60000 Sq. ft. near Pune city at Plot No. 626, Wadki Nala, Pune Saswad Road, Pune. Following is the list of Machinery for Powder Coating Powder Manufacturing,

  • Extruder (Two No.) with a Capacity of 200 Kg / Hr.
  • ACM Mill (Two No.) With A Same Capacity As Of Extruder Along With Attached Filter machine.
  • Chilling Plant for Both Machines.
We specially forces on on-time deliveries of our quality products with our excellent services. Our highly qualified Technical team having more than 10 years of experience in powder coating powder manufacturing constantly work towards customer satisfaction in terms of quality, new developments, economy, environment – friendly formulations with consistency. At Present our Manufacturing Capacity is 100 tons/month. And our future expansion plans are to achieve the capacity around 200 tons/month along with instant supply of odd shades as well.
Quality Control : The Lab is also equipped with its own Lab-mixer, small extruder, Lab Pulverizer, Lab Seiver, lab coating booth and lab oven for all our R&D and QC work.
At Rajyog paints we do undertake rigorous online quality check for quality consistency in every batch. We have well-defined quality check points right from Raw Material inward to finished product packing helps us to maintain our quality and satisfy our customer at any point of time.

Salient Features

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Product Range

1. Pure Epoxy
2. Pure Polyester
3. Epoxy – Polyester – Hybrid
4. High performance Pure – Polyester
5. Poly Urethane (coming soon)
All colors can be provided in different finishes
(Textures, structures, plain and metallic) for matt, satin,
semi glossy & glossy product.

Curing Cycles

1. Pure epoxy – 190 degree Celsius for 15 mins. (metal temperature)
2. Pure Polyester (with TGIC) – 200 degree Celsius for 15 mins. (metal temperature)
3. Pure Polyester (Non-TGIC) – 200 degree Celsius for 15 mins. (metal temperature)
4. High performance Pure Polyester – 200 degree Celsius for 15 mins. (metal
5. Epoxy Polyester (Hybrid) – 180 degree for 15 mins. (metal temperature)
6. Poly Urethane – 200 degree Celsius for 15 mins. (metal temperature)

Testing Facility

The special equipments used in our R&D and QC work are
listed below.
1. Small Extruder and Mixer
2. ACM Mill
3. Impact Tester
4. Cross Hatch Cutter
5. Gloss Meter
6. DFT Meter
7. Constant water bath
8. Salt Spray Chamber
9. Cupping Test Apparatus
10. Scratch Hardness Tester
11. Conical Mandrel BEND
12. Boiling water test
13. Detergent resistance test
14. Chemical resistance test

Powder Coating Steps

1. Maintain clean & dust free work area.
2. Ensure both guns & booths are clean before starting work.
3. Do not mix powder from two different suppliers.
4. Attention should be given to the flow of clean, dry, oil free compressed air supply
at right pressure.
5. Reclaimed powder should be sieved prior to mixing in proportionate quantities
with fresh powder.
6. Store powder in cool & dry place with temperature not exceeding around 30
degree Celsius.
7. Proper surface pre-treatment of the article to be coated is critical to obtaining
good powder coating results.
8. Check those pre-treatment chemicals are in good condition and correct
9. Metallics powder should be used with the charging voltage set to minimum.